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Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes

73 Mile Trail Spanning North Idaho

Speed Limit: 15 MPH

Class 1 & 2 E-Bikes


Flat & Paved

WildLife Viewing

The Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes is a 73 mile long paved trail that spans from Mullan, ID in the East to Plummer, ID in the West. In 2010 it was inducted in to the Rail to Trail Hall of Fame, along with the Route of the Hiawatha. Originally a railroad line built for the bustling mining industry in the Silver Valley, in the year 2000 it was converted to a trail. It opened to the public in 2004. The trail is a partnership between Idaho State Parks, The Coeur d’Alene Tribe and Union Pacific Railroad. 

The Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes is a multi-use trail open to walkers, cyclists, e-bikers, in-line skaters, electric wheelchairs, Nordic skiers, and snowshoers. Class 1 and Class 2 E-Bikes are allowed on the trail. The speed limit on the trail is 15 MPH. The trail has a 1200 ft elevation change, most of which is on the most easterly and westerly ends of the trail. The vast majority of the trail is very flat.

The trail takes riders through diverse landscapes, ecosystems and towns spanning nearly the entire Idaho Panhandle. In the East, the trail begins near the Montana border in the Coeur D Alene and Bitteroot Mountains. From there, it traverses the Historic mining towns of the Silver Valley and into the rich ecosystems and wildlife habitats of the Coeur D Alene River Valley and Chain Lake Region. Finally, the trail traces the shores of Lake Coeur D Alene and crosses the Lake at the Chatcolet Bridge. The trail concludes in the Palouse town of Plummer near the Washington border.

Explore the towns, trailheads, and trail sections of the Trail of the Coeur D Alenes with our digital trail guide. Take virtual rides, tours of towns, and learn about the logistics of riding the trail. Click a section of trail below to get started.

Complete Guide to the Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes

Cycle Haus: Best of the Trail

Best Section of Trail

Harrison to Heyburn

Chatcolet Bridge - Trail of the Coeur D Alenes
Chatcolet Bridge Near Heyburn State Park
Enaville ID - Trail of the Coeur D Alenes
The Coeur D Alene River near Enaville

Best Trailhead


Plummer Trailhead - Trail of the Coeur D Alenes
War Memorial at Plummer Trailhead
Enaville ID - Trail of the Coeur D Alenes
The Snake Pit at Enaville

Best Town on the Trail

The Historic Town of Wallace ID


Harrison, ID: Home of The Cycle Haus

About the Awards

The entire trail of the Coeur D Alenes is stunning. From the mountains of Mullan to the Palouse of Plummer, every section of the trail has something special to offer. There are a few parts of the trail though that deserve a special shout out. These are the parts of the trail that we feel are a “can’t miss” if you’re riding the trail for the first time.

The Best Section of Trail award goes to the Harrison to Heyburn section. This section of trail skirts the banks of Lake Coeur D Alene, crosses over the famous Chatcolet Bridge, and ends in Idaho’s first State Park. The Chatcolet Bridge is the most popular attraction on the Trail of the Coeur D Alenes.

Runner up in the Best Section category goes to the Enaville to Cataldo section. Much of this ride follows the Coeur D Alene River. Watch fly fisherman cast their lines and enjoy peace and solitude in the spirit of a “river runs through it.”

The Best Trailhead award goes to Plummer. This trailhead was built and is managed by The Coeur D Alene Tribe of Indians. It is a large clean trailhead with picnic shelters, restrooms, plenty of parking, and a stunning war memorial to tribal members who fought both for and against the United States Military. It is also the western most trailhead making it an ideal trailhead for riding the entire trail.

Enaville was named runner up for best trailhead. We chose Enaville mainly for its location. This is where the trail begins to follow the Coeur D Alene River and becomes visually stunning. Parking at Enaville and riding southwest to Harrison or Heyburn will show you the best parts of the trail. Enaville is also home to the Snake Pit Restaurant, the oldest continually operating restaurant in the State of Idaho.

Although it was a heartbreaker not to name our hometown of Harrison #1, we have to give credit where credit is due. Over the last few years, Wallace has transformed itself from a very sleepy town to a vibrant community with restaurants, shops, and museums. The entire town is on the National Register of Historic Places so the architecture and structures remain mainly in tact from when the town was created in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. In 2023 Travel and Leisure named it one of the most beautiful small towns in the United States.

Harrison was runner up in the best town category and truly should not be missed either. The town is set at the confluence of the Coeur D Alene River and Lake Coeur D Alene. Along with The Cycle Haus, it is home to multiple shops and restaurants. Relax at City Beach, enjoy Saturday music in the Park, or join us for one of the many festivals we host throughout the Summer and Fall months.