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Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes

Cataldo Trailhead

Riverview Rd and S Latour Creek Rd. Cataldo, ID


Easy to Find | Picnic Tables | Restaurant




The Cataldo Trailhead is perhaps one of the most popular trailheads on the trail. It’s close to the midpoint of the trail and is easily accessible off of Interstate 90. It is also a great spot to access some of the best sections of the trail.

The trailhead is very easy to find. Travelling eastbound on I-90 from Spokane or Coeur d’Alene, take exit 40. Turn right on S Latour Creek Rd. Turn left on Riverview Rd and another immediate left into the Trailhead parking lot. 

Travelling westbound on I-90 from Montana, take exit 40. Turn right on S Latour Creek Rd. Turn left on Riverview Rd and another immediate left into the Trailhead parking lot.

There are restrooms at this trailhead and there is generally ample parking. This trailhead is not recommended for large RV’s, trailers, or other large vehicles that need pull through/circular parking. This parking area is a dead end.

Cataldo is a very small rural community set amidst spectacular natural beauty. It is home to Timbers Roadhouse, a great spot for burgers and beers. In the summer months Timbers also hosts farmers markets.

The Cataldo Mission is located 2 miles west of the Cataldo Trailhead by car and 3.8 miles by bike. If you are interested in visiting the Cataldo Mission by bike, there is a detour at the Cataldo Trailhead to the Mission. Take Riverview Rd West. Turn left on Mission Rd. Mission Rd winds around and eventually crosses I-90 to the Mission. Not all roads are clearly marked. GPS is recommended.

Cataldo is the most popular shuttle stop for The Cycle Haus Shuttle Service. It’s approximately 27 miles from Cataldo back to Harrison – the perfect distance for many riders.

Streetview: Cataldo Trailhead, Cataldo ID
Google Map: Cataldo Trailhead, Cataldo ID
Official Trail of the CDA Map: Cataldo, ID

Fun Fact about Cataldo

In 1850 building supplies were limited in North Idaho. When construction on the Mission of the Sacred Heart commenced, the builders were forced to use no nail construction. The walls were decorated with painted newspapers from Philadelphia and tin cans were hung to give the idea of chandeliers. Finally, the ceiling was stained using huckleberry juice to convey an open sky. The purple stained ceilings can still be viewed today at what is now known as the Cataldo Mission.

The Ride - Cataldo to Bull Run

8.5 Miles

Easy Flat Ride
Follows River
Natural Beauty

The ride from Cataldo to Bull Run follows the Coeur D Alene River Valley with the second half of the ride directly on the banks of the River. This area features diverse landscapes that include lush fields and wetlands, forests, lakes, and steep hillsides.

If you don’t plan on taking the detour to view the Mission in Cataldo, there is a viewing area at mile 40.5 of the trail. The River Bend wayside is located at mile 38.5 and includes picnic tables and restrooms.

This is the first portion of the trail where you might notice the cooling effect of the surrounding mountains. There are a couple locations where the trail is flanked by steep mountains to the south and the River to the north. Cool air will descend from these hillsides, almost like natures air conditioner. In the summer months it can be a welcome relief from the heat. In the Spring and Fall, you may need to put on a jacket or bike gloves. 

Although not making our Best of the Trail list, this portion of the trail was a close contender. The natural beauty of the river combined with fields in the foreground and mountains in the background make it a stunning ride.

Be on the lookout for moose, elk, birds, and other wildlife, especially in the wetlands and farm fields surrounding the trail. As a friendly reminder, much of the land surrounding the trail is private property so please be respectful of property rights when viewing wildlife.

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